Unpleasant experiences with footwear inspired us to create a sandal capable of resisting salt water and perspiration, which are in general, the main causes of wear and tear on the majority of shoes and sandals.
Payukan sandals are made in Portugal, in the area renowned for shoe-making using advanced technology, both quality and respect for the environment are not taken for granted.
Months of research and development were necessary in the creation of Payukan sandals, from the first pencil drawings to the creation of the injection moulds.


The design and materials used to create Payukan sandals makes them fashionable, clean and very elegant. You will feel able to wear them in all occasions, taking you from city, to beach, to party. Payukan you will never feel more free in a sandal.


Payukan supports the arch of your foot softly and holds it in place with adjustable Velcro straps which guarantee the comfort of your feet.